Vietnam/Malaysia Escort

2019-04-18 14:23 8
In most cases, male compatriots will go to Vietnam to play, and they will want to try local girls. They will open various software to search nearby people. There is a high probability that the goods will not be in the right version, or the fairy will jump, or the sister will steal things. Any situation can only endure. After all, it is foreign, so you must share your experience in this area, just in case. First of all, the hotel should not be 4 stars and 5 stars. The state stipulates that Vietnamese women cannot live with foreign males unless they show a marriage certificate to the front desk. The sister has 98% chance of being stopped by the security guard. The hotel must strictly enforce this item. Articles, otherwise it will be closed down and a huge fine, accommodation can be 3 stars or airbnb.
There are many scammers in the streets of Vietnam. People in the downtown area, nightclubs, and night markets all ride motorcycles. They show the photos of the girls in the mobile phone, and then leave a business card. The purpose of using fake business cards is to steal things and avoid being stolen. If the guest finds the case, he will be punished by administrative punishment, fined or detained for defamation, and will be restricted by the Immigration Bureau to cooperate with the investigation. For security and privacy, it is recommended not to quote the room number and name, because the sisters are not the beauty in the photo, but the pheasant on the roadside is randomly assigned, or it may be a shemale, it is very easy to cause casual clothes to pay attention, and then the pornography is blackmailed by the official. When the sister enters and exits the hotel and meets with the guests, the front desk will register the visitor very frequently, and finally the police will be attracted. It is best to meet at the hotel entrance. If the person coming is not the girl in the photo, don't give the sister a taxi fare, don't be intimidated or entangled by the so-called fees, the hotel security staff will protect the guests. The pheasant talks about the price usually about 50 dollars an hour, but actually enters the room, does not take a bath and starts immediately, after 10 minutes, it is noisy to tip, do not take a bath and go to pick up another guest (sheet pillows, etc.) Left the infectious bacteria), the pheasant said that the night spent 100 dollars, most of them were sneaked after one time, and also stolen the guests.
In some cities, there are a lot of KTVs providing Chinese services, but the sisters will be on the stage. The girls in KTV can only be taken away at 11 o'clock. The individual stores are taken away at 1 o'clock in the middle of the night. The price is about 250-350 USD, plus Staff tipping fee, etc., per capita is about 150 dollars, plus overnight is about 400 dollars starting price, and the sister agreed to stay overnight, will make a down payment of 30-50 dollars, said to stay with guests after work, overnight, it is likely to take The deposit will not be contacted. In Vietnam, there are many Vietnamese Chinese or Taiwanese and chicken heads colluding with pimps. It is faster to turn a face than to flip a book. It is said that the money stolen by the lady has nothing to do with them. There is no guarantee.
Our service price is 450USD/24 hours, 380USD/9 hours, 10% discount for 3 days or more, and 15% discount for old customers. The level of tourism consumption in Vietnam is consistent with that of domestic 2nd tier cities. So don't see the price and feel expensive, don't wait for you to be routine, it's too late.
1. Service personnel may not necessarily speak Chinese, but they can guarantee simple communication in English, and individual employees can be fluent in Chinese.
2, do not accept manual consultation, if you need manual consultation, you need to pay 100 CNY consulting fee. If the cooperation is successful, the 100 CNY consultation fee will be waived.
3, do not accept verbal equipment 13, like to install 13 please detour, thank you for your cooperation.
4. Except for Ho Chi Minh City, any other city needs more than 3 days to be dispatched, and reimbursement service personnel to and from transportation expenses.
5, do not pick ST, the starting price is 380USD.
6. After selecting the staff, please contact the customer service and prepay 30% deposit. The balance is made up in person or secured.
7, support all payment channels
Cash channels: USD, CNY, EUR, VND, HKD, SGD, TWD, KRW, JPY, GBP,MYR.
APP: Alipay, WeChat, PayPal, apple pay, sumsung pay, Rpay.